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Skin & Facial whitening soap

Skin & Facial whitening soap

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Gluta Master Terminal White Secret Skin Whitening Facial or Bath Shower Beauty Soap Best for Glowing Skin 24K Gold Soap.

Soothe the tired skin, make the skin resume the shine and elasticity. The product is used to repair
the light wrinkles and soothe the wrinkles.
2. The luxurious content of essential oil can efficiently remove the body odor from your body, always
give you a fresh feeling and good smell all day long. Especially for men.
3. In addition, the 999 active gold foil can efficiently remove the dead cell of skin, help to rejuvenate
your skin without any injury. Even for suburnt skin, remove the peeling skin, make your skin smooth.

How to use: Spread evenly over face and body with the water and soap, to wash the body and face ,Avoid eye touched, Use once daily for desired results.


Glutathione&Vitamin C,E
Carrot oil
Propylene glycol
Kojic acid

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